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Lawyers Credit Network, LLC serves clients throughout the United States. We are not a law firm, we are not lawyers, and we do not perform legal services. We are experts in credit repair and debt negotiation. We began our journey towards excellence by working with lawyers to help provide their clients with top notch credit repair and debt negotiation services. We still work with lawyers, but are now making our services available to the general public.

We take a proactive, personal approach to repairing your credit. We view each client as a unique case. We map out a tailored plan geared towards repairing both hard and soft hits to credit scores, followed by a personalized plan of action to rebuild credit. Once your credit has been rectified and has reached the high 700 to 800 range with all three credit bureaus, we will assist you in devising a long-term plan of action that will ensure your high scores remain intact.

We want to help as many people as we can.

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Debt buyers respect us, and when we negotiate for you, it’s done ethically and within the proper procedural guidelines. Among the many tools and strategies we use to help our clients, one that is often overlooked is debt-ownership stipulations.

Consumer debts are frequently sold from one debt buyer to the next, sometimes without proper documentation or observing the legally required formalities. This can create an uncertain chain of title and cast doubt over who owns and has the right to collect these debts. We have successfully challenged the ownership of such improper debt transfers, forcing debt buyers and collectors to forgive such debts where they cannot prove their ownership.

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Rewriting History, Changing the Present Day