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Our goal is to negotiate on behalf of our clients by utilizing our expertise throughout the repair, rebuild, and upkeeping process. We will dispute every negative report while challenging any discrepancies that may have occurred throughout the process as outlined by the Federal Trade Commission.

America is a great country. It is an incredible land of opportunity. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t evenly situated, and many people in their lives sometimes experience difficult challenges, overwhelming obstacles, and runs of bad luck, all of which, if handled incorrectly, can result in bad credit that holds them back, and limits their future options for living the life they want.

America is, however, perhaps the only country in the world where people who are down and out and facing an uncertain future with bad credit, with the right help, guidance, and effort can usually turn things around, and often within just a few years, be debt-free, with good credit, and living the dream.

Don’t give up! Francis Bacon famously said that “knowledge is power,” and in the credit game, no statement could be truer because if you learn and apply the rules of the game, you, too, change your stars, and break the chains that are keeping you down, and preventing you from buying a house, getting a new car, or starting a business.

Understanding how the credit bureaus operate within the statutory guidelines set by Congress, in addition to the opportunities provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is key to a prosperous good credit future. We know the rules of the game and can guide you through the process out the other side to a better future. 

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Lawyers Credit Network utilizes a process designed to assist our clients to achieve lasting improvements to their credit, which often helps them achieve their dreams and prosper. We can even boast of clients who struggled with negative credit and after our help went on to become millionaires. We cannot guarantee that you, too, will become a millionaire, but if bad credit is what is holding you back, we can help you to take control of your destiny.

Fair Credit Reporting

We know the ins-and-outs of the FCRA.

Fair Debt Collection

We enforce the practices outlined in the FDCPA.

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